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A mass flow controller that is silent, fast and cost-effective

Portable ventilator breathing devices, bioreactors or the dosing of inert gases all rely on the highest control dynamics. That is exactly what the proportional flow control valve VEMD from Festo delivers. Not only that, it costs significantly less than comparable solutions for controlling air, oxygen and inert gases.

Proportional flow control valve VEMD from Festo precisely controls air and gases

There are many applications in which the flow rate of air or other gases needs to be controlled. And it is not just in the life sciences that oxygen needs to be controlled, but also in food production or biotechnology. The gas must always be precisely dosed, regardless of whether it is used for controlling protective gases in production or for respiratory air in medical devices. And meeting the high standards for reliability is just as important as cost efficiency. The new VEMD offers both a high dynamic response and an attractive price.

The proportional flow control valves type VEMD are also ideal for use in bioreactors and fermenters for supplying cell cultures and dosing different gases. They can achieve a specific flow rate of process gases or create a protective atmosphere of nitrogen dioxide or carbon dioxide for industrial applications.

Proportional control
The gas flow at the output of the mass flow controller can be easily adjusted and controlled in linear mode by specifying a setpoint value. Various analogue and digital interfaces are available, such as Ethernet/ModBus TCP and RS232/RS485 with ModBus RTU. Further advantages of the mass flow controller VEMD are fast control, silent operation, compact and lightweight design, a long service life and low energy consumption.

Dynamic and accurate
The integrated control loop with thermal flow sensor makes the VEMD precise and dynamic, and it reacts very quickly to setpoint changes. The VEMD also covers additional flow rate ranges up to 200 l/min, making it very flexible. The current flow rate value can be read at any time on the optional display and is also available as an output value for the higher-level control system.

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