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Quiet, fast, inexpensive: mass flow controller for life sciences

Whether in portable oxygen system devices or in bioreactors, the new proportional flow control valve VEMD from Festo provides extremely high control dynamics and costs considerably less than comparable solutions. Thank to piezo technology it requires only minimal space and power consumption.

The trend in life sciences is towards ever smaller medical devices, particularly for mobile applications such as portable oxygen system devices. The new mass flow controller VEMD from Festo enables even lighter, smaller and more energy-saving solutions to be designed. This increases the quality of life of patients who are dependent on such devices. The proportional flow control valve can support oxygen therapy devices during emergency ventilation and aftercare. Such applications are all the more important in the event of increased incidence of lung infections, such as during the current Covid 19 pandemic.

However, the proportional flow control valves are also ideal for use in bioreactors and fermenters for supplying cell cultures. They ensure a specific flow rate of process gases or create a protective atmosphere of nitrogen dioxide or carbon dioxide for industrial applications.

Piezo technology – compact, quiet, energy-efficient
The mass flow controller with piezo technology offers a wide variety of advantages, making it eminently suitable for life sciences and mobile applications. These include its silent operation, the absence of heat generation, the compact and lightweight design, the long service life and very low energy consumption. Especially the unmatched low power consumption of only one Watt opens up entirely new application options. Additionally, it is non-magnetic and doesn't interfere with any other medical equipment.

Easy to control, precise dynamics
The gas flow at the output of the valve can be adjusted very easily and controlled in linear mode by entering a setpoint between 0 and 10 V. An integrated control circuit with thermal sensor makes the VEMD precise and dynamic. It responds up to 35 times faster than comparable products to a setpoint change and is virtually immediately ready for operation.

Safe and reliable for all applications
High-tech piezo technology from Festo's LifeTech division can be adapted to meet the requirements of a very wide range of applications and customers. The expertise gained during intensive research and development in proportional control technology guarantees safe and reliable performance.

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