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Industrial Raspberry Pi – BL Pi-Tron CM3+ By Kontron

Raspberry Pi is one of the best known embedded Linux computers in the world. Its success began in the maker community, but it has long become an industry favorite.

-The software pool created & maintained by a highly active community is an ideal basis for creating rapid-prototyping applications, and plenty of how-to videos on project implementation are available.

Industrial Raspberry Pi
Based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, we can pesent a solution tailored to your requirements, equipped with numerous industrial interfaces and functions. Touch displays can be connected directly via DSI or Micro-HDMI, and 24 V power supply facilitates integration with industry applications.

These features give you a tool for rapid and secure development and testing of your applications. As an optional service, we can adapt the evaluation board to your specific needs. Where required, we develop an entirely new board to achieve minimum serial production costs and optimal dimensions. Make the BL Pi-Tron CM3+ baseboard your companion in the industrial Raspberry Pi world!

⇒ Human-machine interface
⇒ Industrial communication
⇒ M2M (machine-to-machine)
⇒ Building automation
⇒ POS displays
⇒ Infotainment/Entertainment
⇒ Portable systems

⇒ Broadcom BCM 2837B0 4x Arm® Cortex-A53 @1.2 GHz
⇒ 3D Video Engine, 1 GB LPDDR2-RAM
⇒ Suitable for CODESYS SoftPLC
⇒ Highly scalable computing power
⇒ Standard technology
⇒ Possible customization
⇒ Rapid migration from Raspberry Pi prototype to series product
⇒ High-performance interfaces for harsh industrial applications
⇒ 24 V power supply

Your Benefits:
⇒ Industrial interfaces
⇒ Fast prototype construction
⇒ Adaptable on demand (cutting, form factor, housing)
⇒ Large community through open source software
⇒ Short time to market

Welcome to contact your local Team player för more info & the right solution for your business: Info@recab.com

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