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Photoelectric sensors for long-range detection

We offer you a general purpose photoelectric sensors in a resin housing with high power and easy trimpot adjustment.

 It has a range of up to 40m (131.2') and offers hard wired, M8 connector, and M12 connector cable options.

Photoelectric sensors for anyone who wants a signal when a product is in place
Solution with the photoelectric sensors PZ-G series from Keyence will save you time and secure your production line. The photocell is suitable for anyone who wants a signal when a product is in place, for example in industries such as:
⇒  Food & beverage
⇒  Medicine & health 
⇒  Military
⇒  Automotive

Alignment indicator takes the guesswork out of long distance sensors setup
Has your receiver been knocked out ofalignment? How can you tell?
Thrubeam PZ-G models feature a bright red LED indicator that alerts you the instant proper alignment has been obtained. This simple yet crucial feature allows you to troubleshoot setup and run-time issues quickly, before they can escalate into major problems.

Laser Marked tags eliminate possible contamination
All information (model#, serial#, etc.) is laser marked directly onto the sensor
housing. There are no labels, inks or paints to peel or chip off into your products.

One-Touch mounting brackets cut installation time
Our unique one-touch brackets can save you and your customers considerable time
during installation or replacement.

⇒  PZ-G- Series is available in Sweden and Norway 
Link to Recab’s range of Keyence solutions 

Welcome to contact your local Team player för more info & the right solution for your business: Info@recab.com

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