MedTech Magazine - Kalendarium Kalendarium sv Fokus Hjälpmedel Lund Wed, 11 Sep 2019 09:41:58 +0200 New Updates in Drug Formulation & Bioavailability Mon, 16 Dec 2019 09:55:27 +0100 The Future of Swedish & Danish Life Science [02-04-2020 - 02-04-2020] Collaborations, directions and investments of the future Life Science in the Öresund region with its thriving ecosystem of cutting-edge science, hundreds of life science companies and investments in research infrastructure, major projects and product development is in a continuous growth mode. The 9th edition of our international partnering event The Future of Swedish & Danish Life Science will showcase the region’s strengths and look at the key factors behind the success of Swedish/Danish life science collaboration. One of the themes will cover the hot topic Immuno-oncology. In other sessions, panels with experts will discuss critical factors for continued, international competitiveness such as how to create value through the unique research infrastructure including Max IV and ESS, how to attract (and keep) competence and how to maintain and further improve the conditions for innovation and product development. Take the opportunity to join our panel discussions at The Future of Swedish & Danish Life Science: Pipeline of Swedish and Danish IMMUNO-ONCOLOGY therapies – challenges, possibilities and how to bring new medicines to market Leveraging investments in regional programs/research infrastructure for growth How to attract (and keep) talents and competences in the MVA-region? How can the virtual company model in start-up- and early phase drug development be further developed? How can the partnership with service providers in late stage drug development, IPO and market access program be further improved? Mon, 16 Dec 2019 09:57:53 +0100 Lab & Diagnostics of The Future, [04-06-2020 - 04-06-2020] Life Science Sweden med Kemivärlden welcomes you to join us at the 2nd edition of the important and relevant annual event Lab & Diagnostics of the Future June 4th in Stockholm at Karolinska Institutet at Biomedicum. This international event will feature 200 delegates and highligt the latest innovations in labtech and diagnostics, experiences and future visions from the industry’s decision makers and the users of lab technology equipment. The day is amied at lab managers, biomedicine analysts, purchasers, investors and leading decision makers in healthcare and pharma and will be covered by the media. Lab & Diagnostics of the Future will include a series of interesting lectures and meeting up with exhibiting companies focusing on new technologies and applications wthin the diagnostic field. We offer 10 exlusive exhibiting slots and a few speaking slots. Please contact founder and co-programme director for the event at for more info on how you can brand and promote your company at this meeting. We hope you will be able to join us for the end of show drinks and refreshments reception, which provides a great opportunity to network with fellow delegates. Combined with the extended lunch break and coffee breaks, delegates, speakers and exhibitors will have ample opportunities to touch base on a more informal basis. Mon, 16 Dec 2019 10:00:57 +0100 Bioscience - Research Through Innovative Technologies [10-11-2020 - 10-11-2020] Research through Innovative Technologies Mon, 16 Dec 2019 10:04:32 +0100