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The Primodan Multline

den 18 februari 2023


The MULTILINE is designed for filling of liquid and semi-liquid


All parts in contact with the products as well as support frame are made from stainless steel and treated aluminium materials.

Depending upon the capacity desired and the size and shape of the containers to be filled, the MULTILINE machines are available in 2 to 8 row versions or in a 2 x 8 twin row version with a capacity up to 24,000 cups/hour.

A machine built for several cup sizes can either have exchangeable lamellas or have lamellas with holes of different sizes and shapes.

The MULTILINE is as standard equipped with a volumetric dosing device for accurate dosing of liquid and semi-liquid products. Adjustment of the filling volume takes place from the touch screen panel.

The sealing temperature, sealing time, and the speed of the machine are controlled from the control panel, which is also provided with a digital screen for operation data as well as fault indications.

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