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Optimera din produktion med specialverktyg från Risager A / S

den 10 mars 2022

Special tools are often the optimal solution because multiple workflows can often be reduced to one.

It ensures uniform machining and tolerances and usually results in lower cost per item.

Often you will be able to improve and speed up your production by customizing a tool for its specific job.

We, at Risager A/S offers:

·         Endmills in all sizes, with radius's or chamfers

·         Profile mills after drawing

·         Stepdrills after drawing

·         Change standard drills on dimensions or length

·         Change standard drills to stepdrills

Put shortly, we can produce exactly the tool that you need - limited only by your imagination.

All tools are produced at our Danish factory located just outside Aarhus. And therefore we can offer very quick turnarounds.

Does it sound like something you could reduce your costs on?

Then contact us on tel. +45 70 22 42 00 or at



We look forward to help you!

Risager A/S

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